Frequently Asked Questions

 What is sirishortcut.net?

sirishortcut.net is a website to share and download Siri Shortcuts used on iOS devices.

 What are Siri Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are a new feature as of iOS 12. Shortcuts are scripts that run from the Shortcuts app on iOS devices. They can automate quite a bit on your iPhone and iPad. They can integrate with 3rd-party apps, Javascript scripts, Python scripts, Siri, external APIs, and much more.

 Where can I learn more about Shortcuts?

Apple has great documentation on their site. I will also eventually have more resources here on RoutineHub.

 Who’s running this show anyway?

My name is Danny Costa from (@iosfiles). I work every day on this blogs iOSfiles and sirishortcut.net.

 How will you keep sirishortcut.net running?

sirishortcut.net will keep the lights on with free blog ecosystem, with our shop, and eventually a small amount of advertising we will see. Advertising will be in the form of featuring iOS apps, and their developers favorite Shortcuts that use their app. This will be advertising with Adsense in the future .

 Can I advertise on sirishortcut.net?

If you work with apple products yes, that integrates with Shortcuts in some fashion, then yes! Contact me twitter or facebook.

 What kind of data will you collect on me?

Nothing. sirishortcut.net only use cookies via browser to run the service. More information can be found in the sirishortcut.net privacy policy.